Set in a universe rich with worlds, characters, and creatures, Resonance follows Estevan Kira-Astor, a young man with a talent for Dream Walking, the ability to conciously act in dreams the same as in the waking world. This is the novel most likely to be sent out first, and is the furthest along in the writing process.

More information will be posted soon, including a character bio section and other goodies.

Behind the story

Resonance began its life a 2000 word submission for the 2009 International Sigma Tau Delta Convention. I originally had to cut a lot of parts out, especially takes on the fantastic and the great magical scenes. So, I decided after I presented it at convention that I wanted to make this short story into a full novel, and decided that it would be great to title it Winds of Twilight, after a part of the book.

Unfortunately, that was not to be, as I had many people ask if it was a Twilight fan-fiction, and thus began the arduous process of determining a new name for the site. After about half a year of thinking, I finally settled on Resonance during a project I was doing for my graphic design class.

If you are interested in reading the original version of Divergence, check out the Short Stories page, or just click on this helpful little link.